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Codamation Thesis

We follow a thesis with three main premises: the companies we cocreate must have a proven business model, which has to be globally scalable and they must start generating revenue in a very short period.

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Business Network

We have developed strategic partnerships with a network of funds and private investors that can provide capital to our projects. This access plus our expertise in the process of company building reduces the percentage of failing companies dramatically.

Coda Highlights

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Is a White Label dispatch system for taxi, shuttle and limo companies.

In a world populated with ride sharing services, TechnoRides gives the power back to the companies. It offers a better control of fleets by providing apps for both drivers and passengers and it also provides detailed dashboards that dramatically increase efficiency.

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Is a digital marketing product that provides customer engagement services for merchants.

It offers merchants a way to monetize their guest wifi connection. Customers get online through a branded landing page, Umbo captures data and offers tools such as email marketing tools, coupons and analytics to increase sales.

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It is a social networks and online advertising company which offers different products.

It offers all the components that allow companies to deploy its own social network, so they own their customers data and customize the look and feel to meet their brand's needs. It's the ultimate marketing tool for big companies.


Take a look and
get in touch.

If you're are an entrepreneur we encourage you to take a look at our cocreated companies and also to carefully read our Approach and Methodology sections. Then, if you think you're interested in our model, please get in touch.

If you're an investor, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our funding network details in our Methodology section. If you think you could be a fit for our model please get in touch and we'll be glad to speak.


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Funding Network

  • Koi & Co. Partners
  • Grupo Roggio